What to Do in the Event of an Accident

Auto AccidentYour insurance policy along with the vehicle registration can be found in the glove compartment of your newly rented vehicle. A phone number is highlighted on the cover of the policy.

Your insurance is a full coverage policy with a small deductible. In the case of an accident we recommend doing the following:

As hard as it may be try to remain calm, if you and your passengers are all
okay the first step is to call the insurance company which is ABA Seguros to
make a report, their telephone number is 01 800 834 3400.  This number is
also located on the cover of your insurance policy located in the glove box
of your vehicle.

*The insurance company will ask the following:*

  • If everyone is ok
  • Policy number and expiration
  • Make and model of the automobile
  • Owners name-to be found on the insurance policy
  • License plate number and the color of the vehicle
  • Drivers name and drivers license number

Location of the accident   (Please note it is very important for you to
describe your exact location as best as you can including possible
reference points to make it easy for the insurance adjuster to locate you.

You must now wait until the insurance adjuster arrives to properly file the
accident report.

Once the accident has been reported it is recommended that you do not
accept  any responsibility until the claims adjuster of your insurance
company is present. They will determine responsibility and damages.

*When the adjuster arrives he will ask for:*

  • Your drivers license and insurance policy
  • You must have a current and valid driver´s license and it must be in the
    name of the person who signed the rental contract.

Insurance adjuster

Once the adjuster has taken photos of the automobile damage, tire marks, etc.  the Insurance adjuster will then proceed with a proper accident report. This will be a full report provided from the insurance adjuster in writing that will need to be signed by the driver whose name is on the car rental contract agreement.

If the automobile is to be repaired by the Insurance Company the adjuster will provide the driver with a copy of the accident report. If the accident was caused by the other party they will assume responsibility and the damage coverage and cost will be determined between the adjusters of both insurance companies.

*What our insurance covers:*

  • Material damages   95% of the commercial value
  • Vehicle theft             90% of the commercial value
  • Legal assistance      $ 5´000.00.00 pesos
  • Civil responsibility and death   $ 3´000,000.00 pesos
  • Third party civil liability $ 2´000,000.00 pesos
  • Medical expenses for drivers and occupants   $ 1´000.000 pesos
  • Road assistance

*What the insurance does not cover:*

Drivers other than the drivers named in the Car Rental Agreement. All
drivers must have prior approval to drive from Linea Profesional Rent a

General damages, dings or scrapes caused by the driver or passengers or third parties who may cause damage to the vehicle. This applies to damage that is not in excess of the 5% deductible for collision damage.  An example might be key marks on the car body Minor damage can be reported when the rental car is returned to Linea Profesional.

  • Línea Profesional will then determine the process for repair of the damage.
  • Linea Profesional will then inform the client of the repair process as well as the
    clients liability(cost).
  • Speeding tickets and traffic citations are the responsibility of the renter/driver. In Mexico the  transit authorities use radar cameras to issue infractions. These infractions are to be paid by the car renter when the rental car is returned to Linea Profesional.

Insurance deductible costs are 10% for theft and 5% collision .

*Please note that laws have recently changed in Mexico and drivers under the influence of alcohol may be detained and the car may be towed. Our recommendation is to avoid drinking if you plan to drive. In this way you should avoid serious legal/criminal issues and more importantly, avoid an automobile accident.*

*Local Emergency numbers:*

  • Ajijic Delegacion   (376) 76 6 1760
  • Municipal Police    (376) 7664747
  • Transito (Traffic Police)   (376) 76 5 44 44
  • PROTECCION CIVIL CHAPALA (376) 76 5 28 51
  • PROTECCION CIVIL AJIJIC (376) 76 6 36 15
  • BOMBEROS (376) 76 6 36 15
  • CRUZ ROJA (376) 76 5 25 53 Y 5 23 08
  • Línea Profesional Cel phone 3336671066
  • Police in case of highway emergencies 086
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